We are still looking for young Metal Bands . Currently we are especially interested in Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Metal, Doom, Post Metal, Progressive Styles and anything cutting edge and forward looking. We are closed for all traditional styles of Metal and will only consider those based on recommendations. Please digest the following rules carefully before submitting your songs:


1. If you are a Newcomer you should be young, very young ! The younger the better ! It takes years to build the base for a Rock Band. We are not in the Pop Business ! The average age should be well under 25 ! Don’t apply if this is not the case.


2. We are only interested in Bands. No Solo Projects or Duo’s!


3. Be unique within your Sub Genre. Make a difference. Don’t imitate your Heroes (the bands on your shirts). We are not interested in clones – not even good ones. Beware of the unwritten Metal Dogmas ! We are freethinkers and don't like any dogmas ! Rules stop you from being inventive and different. Mould your style the way you need it. And foremost: write great songs, don’t get lost in your technical abilities.


4. Don’t apply if you are not commited to sacrifice your job, career or girlfriend in exchange for the stony and rocky, yet adventurous and challenging way to rock stardom. Students beware! The digital revolution is upon us and records are just a means to secure live shows and therewith generate income. Records these days barely pay for the production costs of records.


5. Don’t apply if you are not a Live Band ! You should at least have perfomed a minimum of twelve shows over the last 18 month.


6. Your Singer should have personality and charisma – he should be an outstanding performer . His/her voice should be a means of communication – no growls please or very minimal. The drummer should be a maniac, a force of power and precision, with the iron will of a bull. Giving the band the drive forward. The base player complements the rythm: strengthens it so that it can develop it’s full potential. The guitar (s) define the acrobatic skills of any Metal Unit as well as the song structures through inventive riffing and great melodies.


7. Create a visual image which reflects your musical style. Give your band a face. Rise above the nameless crowds... And within the band image, think about individuality and personality of each band member. Choose between facelessness and the risk of being special.
Organise your Army of Super-Fans by using all the means available in this digital age. Where is your Digital-Fanclub ? How many fans can you activate with one call ? Do not think any more in terms of sold CD’s. Physical product (especially (CD’s ) is dying fast. The power of Relationships is much more important.


8. Your application should include the following: a band photo, a band bio (only the facts to keep it short) profiles of each band member, lyric sheets, a list of your live activities during the last 18 month, web links to all relevant web sites, link to an upload server for your songs, a mission statement about the bands goals.


9. Also be aware that this label is only our instrument to find suitable bands for management as labels in their traditional function are a dying breed. We understand the release of a bands first album internationally as a testing ground for potential and commitment. Only those with a burning desire to break free of the shackles of employment will make it in the highly competetive music scene.