Fifth Element

SAR 011-2

Symphonic Speed Metal
  • 1. Ventus Ignis Terra Aqua 3:00
  • 2. Fifth Element 8:50
  • 3. Ready to die between Stars 5:30
  • 4. The day when I turn back Time 6:15
  • 5. Chronokinesis 5:35
  • 6. March to the darkest Horizon 8:35
  • 7. Yin Yang 4:30
  • 8. Elemental Power 4:50
  • 9. Ad Futurum Rei Memoriam 5:00
  • 10. When the Sunrise Breaks the darkness 6:20
  • 11. Vita 2:0
  • European Bonustrack: Startakus and the Sun beneath the Sea (Cover Song)
  • Japanese Bonus Song:If I could turn back time (Cover song)
Release:May 26th 2012

Pathfinder, the epic symphonic metal band from Poland, is back with their follow-up strike ! Their debut "Beyond the space, beyond the time" from 2011 was a great success. It found support by an enthusiatic Internet Rock & Metal Community. Two strong videos on You Tube and a supportive Facebook community are proof, that this type of unique Dream Metal is strongly supported by the international music scene. Titled "Fifth Element" the new album will be released European - wide by Sonic Attack Records through Soulfood on May 26th and  in Asia by Avalon /Marquee on May 23rd 2012. The "Fifth Element" refers to Creativity as a new timeless element which is fundamental to all artistic explorations. Pathfinder's "Fifth Element" is defined by:

- complex epic song arrangements;

- very sophisticated and highly technical abilities;

- movie score orchestrations;

- vocal performances by a very talented singer supported by a trained female soprano singer

- a sound hitting you like the speed of light and taking you to the new dimension  of the bands own Dream Metal;

By listening to the album you will be taken on to a one hour journey faraway from earthbound realities into a world of your own creation filled with your desires and fantasies induced by melodies and voices of PATHFINDER's making.