Anthems of the Damned

SAR 012-2

Neo Thrash
  • 1.Above the Ruins 2:39
  • 2.Let the Angel's Burn 3:01
  • 3.Riding through Hell 2:55
  • 4.Diabolic Overkill 2:22
  • 5.We are Hammercult 3:05
  • 6.Black Horseman 3:58
  • 7.Stealer of Souls 5:01
  • 8.Hell's Unleased 2:23
  • 9.Devil Chainsaw Fuck 3:36
  • 10.Hellbent 2:10
  • 11.Into the Death Gate 3:32
  • 12.The Damned 2:24
  • 13.Santa Satan 1:46
Release: 20.4.2012

Since it's formation in the politically charged country of Israel in late 2010, HAMMERCULT has created a violent mixture of extreme trash metal with a nasty punk approach, delivering crunching riffs, furious vocals, pounding drums and sickening lyrics. In a matter of months, HAMMERCULT has managed to gather a loyal hardcore fanbase through the band's intense live show attitude "No Bullshit, Just Metal".

After conquering the heart's of the Israeli Metalheads, HAMMERCULT emerged victorious at the International Metal Battle competition at WackenOpen Air in Summer 2011. But this was just the beginning - signing to the German label Sonic Attack Records, founded by Karl Walterbach, and embarking on a European tour with crossover legends  D.R.I. wrapped up an amazing and eventful year for the unstoppable trashers.

On April 20th, HAMMERCULT will present their debut album, full-length effort "Anthems of the Damned", that will showcase the group's non-compromising style of aggressive extreme metal. Watch out for the band on their SEPULTURA support dates in Greece, Tschechia, Germany and Italy !

Get Ready to be Thrashed !